Monday, October 7, 2013

What I wore to watch 2 penguins almost throw down at Monterey Bay Aquarium

I guess there was also a con too supposedly. Sure was fun being one of the five cosplayers there...never again. I'll post pictures from the actual con part of the weekend sometime soon...assuming I didn't look pissed off in all the pictures lol.

My boyfriend and I just kinda made the weekend one giant date otherwise, full of really delicious albeot seafood and oohing and ahhing at the crazy psychedelic Jellyfish Exhibit at the aquarium.

I hate my hair straight because I think it makes my face look wide but I was too lazy to curl it. ~_~ Oh well. And I wish the outline of my shirt wasn't completely visible under my skirt. But yes, this is your average everyday casual outfit from me.

Sunglasses: Boyfriend's raybans
Shirt, boots, tights: Taobao
Skirt: American Apparel

My love!

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