Monday, September 30, 2013

Bidism cosplay

I finished my Black Widow (Yamashita ver) cosplay at the end of last week with the help of my dutiful boyfriend.'s like, 99% done. I still haven't gotten the o-ring to attach to the front, but yolo etc etc. Anyways, I don't want to make this blog just fashion related, I also want to keep a sort of cosplay progress log for my big projects. I know I didn't exactly post progress for Black Widow, but that's because it was a really easy costume to make. I'll definitely be updating with progress for my Captain Harlock project, because those costumes are going to be RIDICULOUS.

I used the Kwiksew 3052 pattern to make Black Widow, and it worked somewhat well. I cut out the XS and the fit was alright. The major alterations were obviously putting the zipper in the back rather than the front and to have the right cut for the boobs. I also made alterations to shorten the waist, but I mostly spent my time fitting the stupid sleeves. For some reason, while the legs were tight, the armholes and upper sleeves were HUGE and grossly baggy. Yes, I have relatively skinny arms. But the upper arms were still freakishly huge and baggy - this happened to my friend too who used the pattern as well. So heed my warning about the armscyes and sleeves. After fixing the sleeves, I'm relatively happy with the catsuit. I wish the back waist of the suit would taper to my body more, but it's hard fitting that part because I have a super freakishly narrow back. Especially when striking poses for cosplay. There's alterations out there to remedy this, but I was too impatient lol.

The accessories I left to my boyfriend to make. The bracelets are really innaccurate from the artwork, but I've always thought that the artwork's bracelets were really weird looking when translated to real life so I'm going to just grasp at my artistic freedom with that one. All we used was a bullet belt and gold spray paint for those! And as for the belt, my boyfriend went on an adventure to several different Michael's just to collect all the wooden discs needed. I don't think I hate anything more than going out to buy supplies and it seems like the only thing you need is the only thing low in stock. They don't have the spherical shape, but we were kinda short on time between school and work. So wooden discs + spray paint + elastic band = Black Widow belt! I can easily slip it on and off along with the bracelets.

I bought the wig from this Taobao lace front shop. It's just too bad my forehead is enormous and I had to cut bangs into the wig, because the shop really does make beautiful lace fronts. I'll be making a blog post about lace fronts in the future, since I've been asked so many times. But man I'm seriously in love with this wig, the red is dimensional and super gorgeous. The fiber blend looks different every time the light hits it! *_*

The fabric is 4 way stretch vinyl from Shall I make a post about sewing with vinyl also? Anyways onto pictures!

My boyfriend ignoring me to make dollas.


I have my DSLR up and running again so here's my high definition FACE.

Detail shot of front and back! I borrowed the gun from my friend Lionel. :3

I tried to make this picture less "my boyfriend took this in my living room" with photoshop but I don't know if I succeeded.


  1. Kirito own two different style main costumes in Sword Art Online as far as I know! First one, looks similar with a long black trench coat, this Kirito cosplay costume usually made of PU or uniform cloth; and the second one can be treated as the uniform for kirito in Asuna's Guild, Knights of Blood, this is so called KoB Kirito cosplay costume and also looks like a trench coat but contract with red and white color!

  2. where did you buy the wig? which store?