Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I wore to go on a rare date night

I never got a chance to wear these neat tattoo gun tights out. I like them! Makes me feel all badass. I'm also liking how ashy/lilac the top half of my hair is, I wish my ends could be lighter but I don't want to melt off my hair. :(

Top, skirt: D.I.A.
Tights, shoes: Taobao

Nude lips forever. My head looks huge always. One time a kid ran up to me and told me my head was too big for my body.

Me and my tax accountant.

Man, it's tough getting myself to be all dolled up once a week because I'm a giant lazy bastard. But it's proven semi-rewaridng so far. Only semi because 4 random guys on the drive back from Thea's pretty much were apparently trying to get my attention for 5 minutes straight, according to my boyfriend. I kinda think they were just being racist/trolling though because they flashed me the peace sign.

Okay, time to go work on Kei Yuki! Progress pictures soon.

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