Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I wore to dance with the devil

I makeshifted a skank ho cop costume with my boyfriend's Cop Stocking accessories that our friend Jason made since I didn't want to be a nurse again.

Now, the funny thing is that I swore up and down just a few days ago that I was all partied out. And suddenly I wasn't. So my boyfriend and I went to Halloween Massive in San Francisco. I'm proud of myself in that I can still semi-blend in with normal people!

Highlights that I can post on a public blog:
- judging people's bad Party City wigs
- ratchet girls throwing up in the bathroom at 10 PM
- drink hustling
- guy tries to pick me up with blatant racism. Slanty eye stretching is so gonna get me to jump in your bed!
- Indiana Jones twerking D:
- some guy dressed as Tyler Durden grinding on chicks with the most apathetic look on his face ever hahaha
- rearended on drive back...suddenly GTA

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