Thursday, September 12, 2013

Outfit 1 of How to Be Vain 101

I'm going to jump right to it in order to negate my weird maudlin "first" post.

Over the past few years I got absorbed in this really really weird thing called cosplay, and as a result I spent much more time trying to look good at the handful of conventions I attend every year than on an everyday basis. And I want to change that. So, every weekend I'll be dolling up and taking pictures of one new outfit/coordinate. There will be exceptions, like the weeks up to a major convention, but considering how much of a homely video game playing hermit I was in past years...this is a big thing for me hahaha! I don't have bottomless pockets, so this will really push my outfit coordinating capabilities. There's so many styles I want to try out but I've always been too lazy, but a real documentation should help a lot! And no I won't always be word vomiting just to post selfies, I just thought there should be an introduction and explanation just in case I start off looking like a hot mess.

My first outfit to start us off! I ordered a bunch of stuff from my favorite gyaru brand, D.I.A. so I was super excited to put together a kuronba coordinate. It's too bad I didn't take a snap of the back of the shirt, there's a fishnet cut out of a giant cross.

"PRAYS" fishnet shirt, moon belt, shorts: D.I.A
Garterbelt, garter: Frederick's of Hollywood
Stockings: Leg Avenue
Thigh high boots: Taobao

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